How to choose the domain name for the sitewhich will subsequently be used as the site address throughout its existence?How not to make a mistake in such a seemingly simple question.

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About this and another, here we will share our experience and give some recommendations.

Step 1. Regional or international domain.

You have gathered or are going to get a website and decided to register a domain name. First of all, it is necessary to decide whether to register a regional domain or an international one. The regional domain for Tajikistan is .tj, for Russia .ru, international domains .com, .org,. net. To date, there are a lot of options for international thematic domains.

Step 2. Trademark or product and service.

For example, you decide to register a regional domain for Tajikistan .tj. Next, you need to determine the domain name. In this case, several approaches are used.

1. Choose a domain according to the trademark or brand of the organization, for example

2. Select a domain by the name of the main service or product group.

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