Website support

Not all owners deal with their website support. Many people treat their site as an interesting magazine - bought, read, put on the shelf and can remember about it once, and maybe throw in the trash during the next harvest.

Nowadays the site - it is a production machine, a tool to attract customers and make money. In order to make your website interesting for visitors, it is necessary to regularly information update, add interesting articles, useful tips. Then your site will be popular and in demand by users for many years.

Each car owner using it for other purposes, and focuses its services, regularly visiting service stations, refueling, cleaning. Why is this done? Your iron friend served honestly and do not let the most crucial moments. Also the site. Working site requires regular maintenance. Almost all motorists to change the oil in a car engine turning in designated areas and not independently carry out the replacement. Although it may be easier than to replace oil - merged, I replaced the filter, filled, and all gone !!! But with sites is another matter, everyone here feels fitter and is not afraid to "get dirty". In fact, nothing complicated in the ability to fill the site, adding new features to it. It is more difficult to fight against an error occurs. And when these errors start to affect not only the appearance of text, images and other data on the site, only if we turn to the experts, web programmers to content managers, hosting provider.

And if you have a business aims to attract customers with a number of Internet users, it is necessary to pay sufficient attention to the relevance of your web resource. It often happens that there is material, there is a photo and video, but with the placement of the difficulties arise on site.

Which sites we support?

All the sites that we are ready to create a service. We can also assist in the maintenance of websites created by well-known engines joomla and wordpress. Detail can be found on the page "question and answer".

What does it mean support site?

  • site content, creating new menu items and pages on the site;
  • regular updating of all components of the site to the latest version;
  • backup site;
  • the use of new features on the site.

Our studio cooperates with foreign hosting providers and operators of Tajikistan. Ready to be beneficial owners of sites in Dushanbe and Khujand, and throughout the country. But we do not limit ourselves to national borders and can support the site in any corner of the wordl.