In this section are presented the basic positions of our price list. In an effort to be as convenient as possible for customers, we are ready to discuss other options for Web services and their cost. It all depends on your assigned tasks.

!!!FREE!!! We produce the first consultation to potential clients and continuously for acting.

The cost of site creating

  • Executive Website - 5000 som, 2 weeks
  • OnePage Site - 4000 som, 2 weeks
  • Online Shop - 8000 som, 2-3 weeks
  • Site-card - 2500 soms, 1 week
  • others - on request

All prices and time indicated previously. Every single order requires further study and consultation. Fill out and send us a request
After the formation of technical specifications and price terms can clarify in greater and in the smaller side. What you provide: the desired menu items, text and graphic content pages.

In case of your interest in the service, "turnkey website" to the principal amount necessary to add about 500-800 som.
This service "turnkey website" in addition to creating a site further includes:
- Domain name registration for 1 year and its setting;
- Choice and pay the hosting site for 1 year and posting it on the site.

The compensation shall be approved at the stage of harmonization of conditions of cooperation

The cost of site promotion

1. Standard - 1000 som / month, a period of not less than 6 months, up to 100 keywords in the TOP10 output guarantee more than 50%
We are: analyze your website according to the degree of readiness for search engine promotion, form a list of necessary work to improve your website in terms of search engine optimization.
You: assert a list of keywords, all produce their own work on the site, including search engine optimization of the site.

2. Guarant - 2400 soms first month, in the subsequent 1400 som / month, a period of not less than 6 months, up to 100 keywords guarantee TOP10 output in more than 90%
We: produce full range of necessary work on search engine optimization, content and updating of the site in the period of cooperation.
You: assert a list of keywords involved in promoting the site occasionally, in cases where need more information about products and services, as well as your organization

The order of payment: monthly 100% advance payment by the 10th of the current month.

Cost of support sites

The proposal for this type of service will be able to form only after studying your site and information about the planned scope of works and their periodicity. One-time maintenance work on sites that were not created with our help, do not take into consideration.

For example: the content of the site weekly for 1-2 pages without search engine optimization will produce 200-300 som/month.
The service site included the issues of interaction with technical support hosting operator, regular backups of the website and update its existing software code components.

Additional services for websites

If you are our client all the additional services we perform for free, you only pay the cost of third party services (registrar of domain names, web hosting provider, ...) and additional bank charges when it occur.

If you are not our client and have not ordered before we design, promotion, support site, then take advantage of our additional services can on the basis of 100% prepayment, namely:

Register a domain name and setting - domain fee + 80 som
*you pay the cost of registering a domain name you have selected your chosen registrar. We can only advise the other, more profitable registrar

Transferring site hosting - 250 som
* this amount includes the full range of site placement on the new hosting site with the necessary consultations with the technical support of the hosting provider. This amount does not include the cost of hosting the site.