addservices for website

We strive to arrange for our clients a full range of services for their web resources on the Internet - "turnkey website", ie from idea to finished working site on the Internet. Therefore, not only limited to our basic services - the creation, promotion and support of websites. To realize the full range of services we use our experience and knowledge, as well as additional services from our partners.

What is necessary for running the site, in addition to its creation?

Domain name registration, renewal and its setting; site transfer to another hosting, site upgrade and repair - we will do it efficiently and within a reasonable time. These and other additional services - our and partners services, which allow you to perform a full range of activities needed to work sites. And so, you are here and you are most likely interested in one of our additional services provided. Meet and choose what you need to submit a request and we will help you target within its competence. Here you will find the most popular sites for ancillary services. If not will what exactly you are interested in the field of web services in the list of our services - ask a question through the Contact Us page. Be sure to consider and respond to.

1Domain Name Registration

Choice, registration and renewal of domain names which are used for the website address and e-mail.

Each site has its own address, and therefore almost always there is a domain name. A domain name provides a recognition site, the possibility of opening the user via a web browser from any device. To "bind" a site to a domain name, you must produce not only its registration, but setting to allow users to easily open a site by typing its address. Choosing a domain name for a website only at first glance seem trivial task. In fact, the correct choice of the domain depends on many things. No wonder the phrase of the famous cartoon "How do you call a boat, so it will float" became winged. Exactly the same effect is set to select the correct address for the site.

Which domain name to choose? This issue we have dedicated a separate page on our website.

If you are having difficulty in choosing a domain name for your site, please contact our specialists, they will help and advise. And also be able to assist with registration and setup.

2Moving site to another hosting

Placing a site on hosting the provider site. Consultation and selection of site hosting for the site according to your wishes and the transfer site content.

Do you have a website on the disk, flash drive or computer, and you do not know how to make it accessible to all Internet users. It's simple. Choosing a hosting provider, and "fill site" to hosting platform. Different rates and conditions which package to choose the best for my site? In addition, many more hosting providers, and each has its own hosting control panel. This and other sometimes do such a simple task in a very complex process that does not stretch for one day. Our experts over the years have acquired a great experience in this and will be able to easily help you. We will assist and those who plan to change the hosting site, ie to move from one site to another provider. Previously to check out the article on this subject - Which hosting to choose?

3Upgrade sites

The lifetime site taking into account the rapid development of Web technology today is not more than 3 years. Regularly there is need to update the code site, and when it is the update does not allow to keep up with the times, it is necessary to carry out the transfer of the site to the new platform, that is, update the site. This is especially significant for sites built using obsolete technology today.

We are ready to provide such services and transfer your website to the latest version of the famous and popular engines for Joomla or Wordpress sites.

4Repair sites

At present, more and more time to hear about cyber attacks. And if your site has been the victim of such impacts, it is possible and it is necessary to see a specialist, who will help not only to restore the site, but the site will produce an analysis on its vulnerability.